Secured loans to finance your investments


At Banque Richelieu Monaco, we are experts in the development of financing solutions integrated into a global wealth management strategy for private clients.
Our local team in Monaco is specialised in the structuring of credit operations including real estate acquisitions in the Principality of Monaco and France and the restructuring of property loans, cash loans and bank guarantees.

Portfolios managed by our Discretionary or Investment Advisory teams can benefit from careful leveraging in the form of debt finance. We therefore offer secure credit, a reflection of our global wealth management approach.

A wide range of assets can be provided as pledge value for loans as long as a fair market value is available.

Trusting, long-term partnerships let us do more than just objectively evaluate your financial status. We can help to find the best local facilitators, such as real estate agents, notaries, tax consultants and accountants, to ensure that the process and structure of a real estate purchase are optimal for you.

To achieve your specific goals, you can count on your private banker – supported by a professional team of experienced specialists – to develop an optimal and transparent solution for your precise needs.
Whatever your investment objective – including investing in real estate, equities or fine art – Banque Richelieu Monaco is your trusted partner.