Lending solutions

We help you identify and implement transparent, optimal and tailor-made solutions to meet your specific issues

Our team in Monaco is specialized in the structuring of credit operations that are designed to finance or refinance real estate acquisitions in the Principality and in France, to set up cash loans or to acquire financial securities allowing portfolios managed by our discretionary management or investment advisory teams to benefit from prudent leverage.

The guarantees associated with the credit will be movable or real estate securities or a mixture of both, and the repayment of the credit may be done in a depreciable or “in fine” mode, meaning in this case a payment of only interest during the term of the financing, the capital being meanwhile repaid in one go at maturity.

Thanks to our trusted partners, your private banker - with the support of our in-house experts - will be able to direct you to the best contacts (real estate agents, notaries, tax consultants and accountants) to assist you effectively with your projects.